Keeping couples together in aged care

It can be heartbreaking when a couple who have always lived together, often for decades, have to live apart for the last years of their lives. At Evergreen Life Care, we believe it’s important to enable couples to live together for as long as possible and enjoy the health and wellbeing advantages that come with it. In our article, we discuss our approach and the benefits of keeping couples together in aged care.

Understanding the impact on a couples’ wellbeing

Research tells us that couples benefit from staying together in aged care. Many people find it difficult to sleep without their partner, which can impact their sleep patterns and overall health. It is also shown that being separated from a partner at home is a key source of social isolation, and with loneliness being more detrimental to health than smoking or obesity, it is so important to enable couples to stay connected.  

If your loved ones need to move to a higher care facility, they won’t need to worry about being separated at Evergreen Life Care. At Yallambee Lodge, our staff are experienced in supporting couples who wish to stay together as their needs change. We understand the importance of providing personalised care while maintaining individual privacy and dignity. Our staff always ensure a couple’s relationship is respected and that they can enjoy quality time together. There are also activities that residents can get involved with as a couple or individually including the Resparke program which provides a great opportunity to socialise. 

More room for couples

If you’ve been looking for residential aged care where your loved ones can continue to live together, you may have noticed that not many facilities offer double or couple rooms. Many aged care homes don’t have rooms big enough to fit a couple, and therefore they only offer single rooms. At Yallambee Lodge our couple rooms are more than double the size of an average single aged care room, so there’s plenty of space for your loved ones to share. If they are used to a larger home or apartment, there’s plenty of space for them to feel at home. They’ll enjoy the living areas in and around the Lodge including the library, sunny courtyards, cosy corners, and manicured grounds. 

Personalised 24-hour care 

Moving into an aged care facility that can accommodate both your loved ones together will give you and your family peace of mind. At Evergreen Life Care, we prioritise their individualised care and offer expert 24-hour care from our team. We also offer an exercise and pain management clinic with a dedicated physiotherapist and registered nurses to help them feel their best. Plus, our chef made meals take the stress away from shopping and cooking, allowing them to enjoy other hobbies and more quality time with their partner. 

We believe that keeping couples together in aged care means they get to continue to enjoy life together with as little stress and disruption as possible. We’ll care for your loved ones in a homelike environment, complete with gardens and plenty of opportunities to socialise.

Evergreen’s Yallambee Lodge provides the best aged care for couples on the Central Coast

If you’re looking for a double or couple’s room in aged care, or if you’d like to hear more about why couples love Evergreen Life Care, get in touch with our friendly team.