Are there individual rooms available at Yallambee Lodge?

All rooms at Yallambee  Lodge are private and are available to both individuals and couples.

Do I have to share a bathroom?

Each room features a private ensuite to ensure that residents feel comfortable and secure.

What are the initial costs and ongoing costs associated with living at Yallambee Lodge?

You will pay a basic daily care fee. This fee contributes towards daily living costs e.g.: meals, cleaning, laundry. The basic daily care fee is 85% of the maximum single aged pension. The rate increases in line with the aged pension each March and September. This is a daily cost.

Accommodation Payments : The amount you are required to pay will depend on assessment of your income and assets. The Australian Government may meet full or part of this cost. This will be determined by the Department of Human Services.

Room prices at Yallambee Lodge can be found on the website –  Room Pricing Yallambee Lodge. These prices can be negotiated.

Means-tested care fee – Some people may pay an additional amount towards the cost of care. The Department of Human Services will calculate this amount based on assessment of your income and assets.

Can I leave the facility?

Yallambee Lodge respects the freedom and independence of residents. Residents can enter and leave the facility when desired.

Are pets allowed at Yallambee Lodge?

No dogs or cats.  A bird or fish may be allowed if requested and permission given.

Where are meals cooked?

A variety of delicious and nutritious meals are cooked fresh on site daily by our catering team, with an assortment of options available, including meals for special needs diets.

What services are available at the Lodge?

Meal Services – A variety of delicious and nutritious meals are cooked fresh on site daily by our catering team, with an assortment of options available, including meals for special needs diets.

Pain Clinic – A specialised Pain Clinic with a devoted physiotherapy assistant and Registered Nurse puts Yallambee Lodge in a market of its own, allowing residents to receive specialised care within Yallambee Lodge.

Onsite Services – Yallambee Lodge is practical and comfortable, bringing easier access to external services including onsite hairdressing salon, resident library, church services, mobile dental service and a podiatrist.

Respite Care – Respite care is also available. If you wish to book respite care at Yallambee Lodge, please contact Central Coast Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre on 1800 052 222 to check vacancies.

What activities are available at the Lodge?

Yallambee Lodge runs a special monthly program, which caters to the various needs of residents. Recreational activity officers design targeted activity programs aimed at encouraging enjoyment on behalf of all residentss ensuring that every level of care is met.

The monthly activity programs range from day trips to a variety of in house activities including theme days, concerts, BBQ days, movie days, birthday celebrations and quizzes.

How close is Yallambee Lodge to hospitals?

Gosford District Hospital is located 3km from Yallambee Lodge and Gosford Private Hospital is only 4.6km from Yallambee Lodge.

Do I have to sell my home?

No. There are options available on how you choose to pay the Room Price.

I don’t want to lose my independence?

When living in Yallambee Lodge you remain independent and are free to make your own choices and decisions.

Can I bring my bed with me to the Lodge?

No. Beds are provided by Yallambee Lodge.

Can I cook in my room?

No there is no cooking in residents rooms. All meals are provided by the catering team on site.

Can visitors come to see me? Are there set visitor times?

Visitors may visit at any time. There are no set visitor times.

Can I keep my medication in my room?

No. The nursing staff keep all medications.

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