Trust Evergreen Life Care for specialist dementia care

Carinya, our specialist care unit, provides care and support for loved ones living with dementia. Carinya, an Indigenous word for ‘happy, peaceful home’, perfectly describes the dementia-friendly environment we provide for our residents.

What is dementia care?

Caring for a loved one with dementia brings unique challenges that require compassionate care. Compassion comes from a deep understanding of the unique needs and experiences of the person with dementia.

While memory loss is a common symptom, there are often other behavioural changes that impact a person’s quality of life. These changes may show up as confusion, an overreaction, or even aggression when interacting with others. Sometimes people resort to hoarding or repeatedly seek something they believe they’ve lost. In time, people may begin to have difficulty in performing daily tasks like eating, mobility, and self-care.

Our specialist staff anticipate the experiences of the person with dementia and provide the compassionate care they need.

Carinya’s dementia-friendly environment

Our specialist dementia care unit, located in the heart of the Central Coast, has been designed with dementia care in mind offering 15 private rooms with ensuites and common indoor areas.  The unit is secure for safety however our residents are free to move about and engage in daily social activities. 

Sensitive to the needs of each and every resident, individual attention is provided with empathy. They enjoy predictable routines that are calming and relaxing.

Access to outdoor areas is a key element of our support for our residents living with dementia. It is proven to help reduce anxiety or stress and provides opportunities for activity and connection. Carinya has a covered outdoor area and a sensory garden planted with vegetables and flowers. The garden beds are raised to enable residents to be involved in tending the garden.

Nurturing relationships for holistic care 

We place a great value on the relationships between residents, their family members, and our team as part of providing holistic care. Our specialist staff work with empathy, attending to our residents’ individual needs, and supporting engagement between residents and family members. These nurturing relationships ensure residents feel happy, peaceful, and at home.

Experience peace of mind with Carinya

We understand that as dementia progresses, a safe and secure environment becomes increasingly important. At Carinya, your loved one is provided with the care and support they need to meet their individual needs, providing comfort for them and peace of mind for you.

For more advice on caring for a loved one with dementia, including respite care, read more about how Evergreen supports carers.

If you’d like to talk about dementia aged care for a loved one, contact us today.